1982 Chan Min Leung - One Man Exhibition at City Hall, Hong Kong.
1984 Chan's Landscapes at Landmark and Fringe Club.
1989 Chan's own Chinese Painting presented by Fringe club.
1990 Chan's Brush Ink Painting at Empire Centre, Tsimshatsui presented by the Fringe Club.
1991 Chan and his students Joint Painting Exhibition at HongKong City Hall.
1994 Chinese painting Exhibition at Singapore Empress Place Museum.
1994 Chan's Chinese painting at New York Confucius Plaza China Town.
1995 Chan's painting presented by Hong Kong Visual Art Centre.
1996 Chan's painting at Australia Chinese Museum.
1997 One Man Chinese Painting Exhibition at Yaumatei and Tsimshatsui Cultural Art Centre.
1998 "Best of Visual Arts Scheme" Chinese Painting Exhibition of Chan Min Leung presented by Provisional Regional Counsel.
2000 Chan Min Leung Chinese Painting Exhibition at Hilton Executive Club, Hotel Hilton International, Jakarta in Indonesia presented by the Art Gallery Indonesia.
2002 Chan Min Leung Recent Artworks (Touring Exhibition 2002):
14-7-2002 (3 days) at Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Foyer Exhibition Areas, presented by HongKong Lingnan Arts Association.
24-7-2002 (5 days) at Guangzhou Museum of Art (Luhu Road) Guangzhou, China.
24-8-2002 (7 days) at Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, Central H.K.
11-11-2002 (3 days) at Hong Kong City Hall, High Block Exhibition Gallery, presented by HongKong Lingnan Arts Association.
13-12-2002 (7 days) at Chinese Cultural Centre (N.S.W.) Sydney Australia.
2003 24-6-2003 (6 days) at Hong Kong Central Library presented by HongKong Lingnan Arts Association.


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